Because good luck lies at the center of almost every game, FDJ decided to explore its role in our lives – a significant role for 60% of people in France, who think that believing in luck is key to being lucky. Our ambition was to illustrate the social value of game throughout life, with positive narratives aiming at engaging and raising awareness about the role of good luck as a driver of success.


The “Lucky Talks” are debates on well-defined themes that always revolve around the role of good luck as a factor of success. In an intimate atmosphere, influencers and opinion leaders share their views about good luck before an audience of academics, established businesses, start-ups, opinion leaders, associations, sociologists, research institutes, etc.
This is how we succeeded in bringing people like Celine Lazorthes, Founder and CEO of Leetchi, and Frederic Mazzella, Founder and President of BlaBlaCar to discuss the influence of good luck in the new economy. Or two-star chef Thierry Marx and professional wheelchair tennis player Michael Jérémiasz to share their thoughts on second chance. Recently, to address the topic of women taking chances to promote gender equality, we invited Mercedes Erra, Founder of BETC and Executive President of Havas Worldwide and Beatrice Barbusse, teacher-researcher, President of the French National Center for Sports Development and author of Misogyny in sports.


With more than 70 participants to each “Lucky Talk”, each edition became a trending topic on Twitter, with a total of 1,360 tweets with the hashtag #questionsdechance (meaning “matter of luck”). Beyond the visibility they provide, these “Lucky Talks” are a source of pride for internal teams. During the latest session, 15% of all tweets stemmed from FDJ’s employees and amassed 337,000 impressions.