We shifted our focus to those things that make Airbnb so special. Airbnb is all about boldness. Boldness to be taken aback by new experiences. It is about comfort, too, the one to feel at home when you are away. It is also about curiosity, the one that prompts us to discover new cultures. But Airbnb, above all, is decidedly for those who have a taste for the unusual. So, what if we could have everyone enjoy the magic of an experience with Airbnb?


Elan Edelman organized and generated media attention around the operation “Night at” – a series of contests the winners of which had the privilege to spend a night in an unusual place: at the Galeries Lafayette department store on the eve of the winter sales, on a chairlift suspended above the slopes of Courchevel, in the Catacombs of Paris... The public was invited to put its audacity and motivation to the test by experiencing a night like no other.
Elan Edelman negotiated exclusive coverage with selected media ahead of the contest and during the experience of the winners in order to ensure the general visibility of the operation. In addition to a set of contents tailored for social media, the agency implemented a strategy to have influencers support the campaign and spread the word about it, which helped engage with the public and ensure its participation.

In parallel, we deployed a program of informal encounters with the press in order to maintain and establish strong relationships with several contacts in key media.


The first “Night at” in France was such a success that the campaign was adapted to other markets. For instance, the event organized jointly with the Aquarium de Paris in April 2016 amassed between 275 press clips worldwide and more than 1,000 clippings.