Club Med

Club makers


What if co-construction was placed at the heart of the company? What if the art of letting go became part of its management strategy? Behind “Club Makers” lies the idea that it is by engaging with all stakeholders that Club Med will forge its future. It is a vision that guides the company’s strategy while enabling everyone to be part and parcel of the construction of tomorrow’s Club Med.


Elan Edelman designed Club Makers’ visual identity, worked on the structure and the development of its collaborative platform,, to encourage co-construction by empowering users with the creation of content.
We also took the concept a step further by developing and organizing the “Open Codir”, a world first in this journey towards more openness. For the first time, Club Med opened the doors of its Board to as many clients as board members, enabling them to have a say, through their testimonies, in the company’s strategic decisions.


A year after its launch was announced, the Club Makers program has become a reality.
Over 200 ideas were produced by our clients as a result of about 17,000 sessions on the platform.